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The state-approved resort Hirschberg is embedded in the smallest clearing island The nature park Arnsberger Wald. This geographic feature gives you the opportunity To reach the forest area in a short distance in all four directions. Numerous kilometers of hiking and cycling trails are available, you just have to choose one.



Due to its location in the heart of the Arnsberg forest, Hirschberg offers numerous hiking opportunities. In addition to the Sauerland Waldroute, there are 192km of marked hiking trails around Hirschberg.

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All about Beer

The subject of beer must not be missing in Hirschberg, of course. In addition to the world-famous Warsteiner brewery, there are also other possibilities to deal with beer.

Warsteiner Brewery

logo Warsteiner Brewery

Information about the Warsteiner Brewery incl. reservations and details on the visiting the brewery


logo Home-Brew-Tec

Brewery courses and workshops about the production of liqueurs directly in Hirschberg